Friday, January 23, 2009

Not surprised...

This is what happens when Lindsey plays in her crib after her nap...
The brown "blanket" in her crib is actually the canopy from the crib.

She pulled it down. Now it just stays down unless we are showing the
house and then we put it up. I wondered how long it was going to last. Oh well.

Bryan and Matthew with David Bonetto. Bryan and Matthew's
middle name is David, after this David. He is Bryan's dad good
friend. They live in Fresno and we wanted Matthew to meet his
namesake. We hope Matthew realizes the wonderful man
he is named after.
Bryan's brother Mike, in Fresno

Bryan with his nephew Mike in Fresno

Lindsey with her cousin Lincoln. He is 6 months
older than her.

Bryan and the kids playing Rock Band. It was a gift from Santa.

The kids opening their DS's

Lindsey trying to figure out this wrapping paper thing!

Enjoying her 1st Christmas

The 3 kids showing their new PJ's.
Lindsey fell alseep on the way home from Grandma's on
Christmas Eve and I wasn't waking her up to open PJ's.

Lindsey on Christmas Eve

Catch Up...

I figured I better post something since it has been awhile. We had a great Christmas and enjoyed having Bryan home for most of the kids vacation. The day after Christmas we left for California. I was dreading the drive for 2 reasons - Lindsey in the car for 12 hours plus stops and then the weather. It was snowing when we left Friday morning but stopped soon after. The roads weren't that great till after Cedar City. The kids were GREAT. Not sure if it was the new Christmas presents ( the three older kids got Nintendo DS's ) and new DVD's to watch or they were just easy going that day. Lindsey had her 9 month check the week before and got the go ahead to go front facing in her car seat!! Yea! I am not exaggerating when I say she was fussy for about 5 minutes TOTAL all the way to Fresno. It took us 13 1/2 hours to get there. It was one of our best drives yet! We had fun in Fresno visiting with family. Bryan's brother, nephew and aunt and cousins live there. My parents, sister and her family and brother and his family all still live there. We took the kids to Christmas Tree Lane to see where Mom and Dad met for the first time back in 1991, and visited our favorite eating places! We left for home on Friday Jan 2nd. We didn't' get out of town till 1:30pm California time, 2:30 Utah time. We made it to St. George and stayed the night there. Lindsey was getting FOUR more teeth in and it made for a long drive. It also gave Bryan an excuse to have In and Out one more time, since we only had it ONCE in Fresno. We made it home late afternoon on Saturday. It was nice to be home in our owns beds! The kids also had fun playing with their new toys.

It isn't letting me add pictures, I will do it later.