Monday, January 21, 2008

"Father Time"

My kids have had tons of fun playing the the Wii they got for Christmas. The other day they were showing Bryan a contest they had entered. The topic was Father Time. You have to submit a Mii (a character that you can create) that looks like Father Time. Well, my kids without telling Bryan or I, submitted a Mii that looked like Bryan. When they went to go look how the contest did, they were surprised that they didn't get many votes. They told Bryan about it, so he went in and checked it out. When he saw the title, "Father Time" and then their Mii of him, he smiled. He told them who Father Time was. They said they thought it was supposed to be about a father who spends time with his kids. That is why they made him. I thought that was really cute. Bryan is a wonderful dad, who would rather spend time with the kids more than anything else!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bryan's surgery...

So it has been one week since Bryan had his ACL repair surgery. He injured it playing basketball at the church in April.( His last surgery was from playing church basketball in high school) I am hoping that things will continue to get better. The first 2 days were a piece of cake. He had a great block in and couldn't feel a thing. We got home from the surgery at about 4pm on Thursday and by 9:30am the next morning we were at Physical Therapy. They were surprised at his range of motion. He was already 2 weeks ahead of schedule. (Could have been that he didn't feel anything and could move it pretty freely.) We had a rough day on Sunday. He doesn't like how the meds make him feel - sleepy and out of it. But we learned the hard way he really needs the meds. Percocet for the pain which started Saturday morning - on a scale from 1-10 he said he has been a 2. And then the valium for anxiety. He doesn't like to sit or lay on the bed 24 hours a day, but that is all he can do. Once he had his meds again that night, I had my sweet husband back again. He had flowers delivered to me on Friday ( the day after surgery) thanking me for everything. I thought he was the one that was supposed to get flowers! So now a week after surgery, he is still in bed 24 hours a day, but he is working from home about 4-5 hours a day, that helps and he is watching tons of movies. Thanks to the new flatscreen that we had to have the day before surgery (our bedroom tv wasn't working too well) and the DVD player I had to buy the day after surgery cause the other one stopped working. The tv has saved him! He went to PT yesterday and they said he is a tough guy - I am sure that made him ride the bicycle even harder. He has been a trooper and the kids have been great keeping it down so he can sleep and rest! They are for sure ready to have their dad back!