Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pregnancy Update

So I went to the Dr. last week and was told I had toxemia. So I have to take it easy and he wants to see me once a week now. I had it with the last 2 pregnancies, so I wasn't surprised. I went back this morning and things look really good. My blood pressure was normal, and no other symptoms. I have 4 weeks left from today. I am pretty sure it will be a long 4 weeks. I am hoping the baby comes before Easter! I don't think that is asking too much.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writing out Valentines

Here are some pictures of the kids doing their valentines. This year Matt got to do some for his preschool friends. I had him write his name and then I would write the kids names on them. After 2 times of writing "Matthew" he said Matt is much easier, and started writing Matt. Pretty smart!

Early Valentine's Day Celebration

Bryan and I decided to do something different for the kids this year for Valentine's Day. We usually get them candy, a card and some sort of a small gift. So instead we decided to take them to Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse. We both love it and thought the kids would love to see them cook their food in front of them! So we decided to go for FHE on Monday night and then we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds on Valentine's Day. The kids LOVED it. It was so fun to watch their reaction. Tyler even caught a piece of shrimp in his mouth when the chef tossed it to him!

Crazy Hair Day

The kids had crazy hair day at school on the 31st of January. Here are pictures of the kids before they left for school. Of course Matt had to do something too!.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let the Voting Begin...

So I thought it would be fun to have everyone put in their votes as to what we are having. Will it be Christian or Lindsey? Leave a comment and tell us what you think. The latest update is from when I went to the Dr. 2 weeks ago. I asked him when I would be having the baby and he said anytime from March 25 - April 3rd! (April 3rd was my original due date) I love my Dr. - even though he rarely induces. I figure I have 6 weeks left to convince him to let me go before Easter! (the 23rd) We'll see what I can do. I am starting to REALLY feel and look very pregnant! Matthew will tell you that there isn't a baby in my tummy - it is just cookies!