Saturday, March 29, 2008

No more lights!

We went in to the hosptial today for another lab test. The Dr.'s office called back and said that although her numbers are still a little high they did drop a tad. - On her own, without lights. They had us take her off the lights for all day yesterday to see what she would do. So... he told us to pack up the lights, she didn't need them anymore! We are so excited! She is still calm and quiet. She has cried twice since she has been home - both times for her bath. She doesn't like to be cold. I think she gets that from her mom. We are so blessed!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We are headed home...

We got some news in the middle of the night that Lindsey had an extremely high bilirubin number. 15. They said she might have to stay an extra day after I was discharged. They put her under the lights and kept her there. It isn't a good idea to tell a mom she might have to leave her baby and go home. I was a little, ok, ask Bryan, a lot emotional and worried about the situtation. When my Dr. came in he explained everything to me and helped me understand what was going on. That helped me a lot. When they tested her again at 6am, it had gone down to 13. Still high, but it showed the Dr. that she was responding to the lights. I was able to feed her and then they had to take her right back. Bryan and I were able to sit by her in the nursery and watch her. Bryan fed her at lunch time and then we waited for the Dr. to come in. He said that we could take her home with the lights. She will need them for several days/24 hours a day and we will be able to go to AF hospital for her daily tests. She is such a calm and quiet baby and even though most babies hate the lights she doesn't seem to mind them. She looks like she is at the tanning booth. I will post pictures when we get home and settled. We are headed to the nursery to feed her and get her ready to come home!!!!! Yea!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lindsey Kathleen Atwood

  1. We received the phone call from the hospital at 5:30am on Monday to go ahead and come to be induced. We were there, showered and all by 6:30! The kids spent the night at Bryan's parents on Sunday night. By the time we got checked in and everything taken care of it was 8am. Pitocin and all. I had not progressed from my previous visit so I was starting at a 2! I thought for sure that I would have the baby by lunch time. Boy, I was wrong. Everything was very slow moving with this baby. It would take me hours to progress to the next number! I ended up getting my epidural in the early afternoon. Everything really slowed down after that. At 3:30 or so I was only at a 4. My Dr. came in and told the nurse to turn off my epidural and turn up the pitocin!!! I couldn't believe it. So... by 4pm or a little after I progressed to a 5. And then the rest was history. I went quickly with no epidural to 9. They quickly got the epidural going again and it was working by the time to push. She came out no problem, very quickly. She was born at 6:06pm, weighing 8lbs 3ozs. She is a wonderful baby. I have as of this afternoon heard her cry 2 times for about 2 seconds each time. Once for a diaper change and once when I was changing her shirt. She is content to be held or lay in her little bed. The kids were so excited to come and meet her. Lauren now has a sister. She didn't want to share her last night, she loved holding her. Matthew and Tyler loved holding her too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too Full!!

I went in to have my blood pressure checked, per request from my Dr. My blood pressure was up and he went to go and call in to have me induced today. Well, the recovery rooms were all taken. So he couldn't get me in!!! I was soooo close! Oh, well. Monday is soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Waiting Game

Now we are just playing the waiting game. We go in today for a non-stress test to make sure everything is ok. I have had a few pretty good contractions, but nothing to get excited about. Since Lauren is sick with a cold/flu it would be nice to get her better before anything happens. We'll continue to keep everyone updated.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The end IS in sight!!

Another update - I went to the Dr. yesterday... apparently this baby is going to be pretty big. He asked me how much my biggest weighed, I told him 8lbs 6ozs. He said that he wanted me to come in on Monday, he would strip my membranes really good and then see what happens on its own. When they did this with Ty I went into labor a few hours later. If nothing happens that week, then he will induce on Monday the 24th!!! Now I am in a hurry to quickly get everything done that I want to. We will keep you all updated!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't expect to hear about the baby anytime soon!

So I went to the Dr. again today. He said I will probably have the baby the week of the 24-28th! I know that my Dr. doesn't like to induce, but I kind of was hoping for the week before Easter. Let's all hope that something happens on its own and I am there sooner!!