Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trip to the lake!

While we were in Fresno we headed up to Brenna's place and went to the lake. She lives about 10 minutes from Friant Dam. Dad rented a house boat and we had lunch on it and let the kids play in the lake.

Lauren's Birthday Surprise!

As part of Lauren's 9th birthday - we surprised her and decorated her room. We told her we could only do the beadboard and paint and the rest would have to wait for another time. While she was gone at her cousin's house on the last day of school and the day before her bday, Christa came over and helped me put together her room. Then Bryan came home from work and finished it! It turned out really cute and boy was she surprised!! Here is how it turned out --

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In and Out!!!

We had to stop at our favorite burger place! Once in Vegas on our way to California and then in Bakersfield on our way home!!

We visited the Los Osos cemetery. I had the kids stand by G'ma and G'dad's headstone. It was great to go there and tell the kids about them. Before they all walked over, (because I found it first) I totally lost it, and started crying. I realized how much I miss them when we were on our trip. On a lighter note, the last picture is the family at Sylvester's! Love that Mushroom Swiss Burger!!

More California pictures

We went to Fresno for a few days for Heather's graduation. Then we left on Wednesday for a Beach Trip with all the Atwood's. Instead of our yearly family camping trip we went to the beach!! Our family decided to stay an extra day and got a hotel right across the street from Avila Beach. Despite the BAD sunburn I got (that lasted a week) we had a wonderful time.

Here are pictures from Avila. The first two are the kids on the sundeck above our hotel. The next one is from Bryan.

California Trip 2007

Here is a picture of Grandma and Grandad's house on 5th Street. I promise this is the right house. Grandad would be using bad words if he saw the house now!