Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Family Pictures

Here are some pictures we had taken from Jana of our family and Lindsey in her blessing dress.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When you think life stinks...

go to this website: www.robingroff.com

Robin was a girl that I grew up with. My parents and her parents go way back to when I was little. As we got older Robin and I catered together, Bryan too. Her mom gave me one of my bridal showers. I remember when I found out that Robin had cancer, I couldn't believe it. She was a wife and mom with a beautiful daughter. I have been following her life since cancer on her website. This is what I have learned from her: I am so thankful for my life. I am thankful for my health and the good health of my family. She was amazing at putting things in perspective. When my life is crazy and my kids are driving me nuts I will remember Robin. I know she is now in a better place and is at peace. Her little family will be together forever.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

16 years ago...

This is the exact place of our first date. We ate outside on the patio.

Our Vegas Roll that we ordered for lunch today!

16 years ago today, Bryan and I went on our first date. It was a blind date, and the other couple that was supposed to go with us ended up not going. I first went to Bryan's church basketball game. Then after that was over, he got ready and we went out. We drove around and around FOREVER before deciding on where to go for dinner. (16 years later, we still have a hard time deciding where to go!) We picked Round Table Pizza. We ordered a pepperoni and olive pizza. I got orange soda and Bryan got root beer. I made sure I didn't order a "dark colored" drink because I wanted Bryan to think I was a really good girl and didn't drink caffeine. Even though, Dr. Pepper was my drink of choice. Funny, huh? We had so much to talk about. I remember I didn't feel nervous around him. I just loved being with him. I also remember thinking how cute he was and STILL is! (Lots of girls liked him and I was the one dating him!) We then went over to my house and hung out with a bunch of people. A few days after our date, I told one of my friends that I would marry him! I KNEW I would, even though I was only 16 when I said that. Four years later (3 months after his mission) we were married! I have loved every minute of being with him. He is my best friend. He supports me in anything I do. He loves me no matter what. We have four beautiful children. I couldn't be happier.

We celebrate April 10th every year. Today we had lunch together. We went to Happy Sumo for sushi. Bryan loves sushi. I had never tried it, I wanted to wait till I wasn't pregnant to have it. We had seared tuna for our appetizer and then we had a Vegas and Lava Roll. These are Bryan's favorite. I loved all of it. We are definitely going back! After lunch we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a piece of chocolate! Tonight we are having... pizza for dinner, with orange and root beer soda, with the kids.

Thanks for 16 wonderful years! I love you, Bryan!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our nightly routine...

Lindsey's first "Big Girl Bath"

Lindsey after her bath in her robe
This is an example of Lindsey's "night time" blanket. The brand is "Swaddle Me" by Kiddopotamus. I got it at Baby R Us. She LOVES this blanket. She stays warm and it helps with the startle reflex, which a lot of times will wake babies up from a good sleep. This is going to be my new baby shower gift to give!

When Lindsey was one week old I decided to get her used to a bedtime routine. I wasn't sure if she would catch on to it, but at least it helped me out. She is still sleeping a lot during the day, so at 8pm, I make sure that she is awake till 10pm. At 10pm I give her a bath, wrap her in her "night time" blanket and put her to bed. She is alseep by 10:30pm and the earliest she will wake up at is 3:30am. Sometimes she goes till 4:30 or 5am!!! Then she eats (up for 15 minutes) and then she is back in bed asleep. She will then sleep till 7 or 8am, eat and back alseep till about 11am. I realize I am totally spoiled. I have never had a child sleep like this. We have only had this schedule for a week, but I am enjoying every minute of sleep I get. Since Lindsey has been born Bryan and I both had the stomach flu and now I have a cold/flu. I never had any illnesses while I was pregnant so I think my body is making up for it. So the good sleeping on her part has really helped us out!!

2 weeks old!

Lindsey went to her 2 week appt today with Dr. Weipert. She weighs 8lbs 6ozs. and is 21.75" long. He asked how long she sleeps, how much she eats, etc. He told me there was nothing that I was doing to make her sleep so well at night, she is just a really good baby. I thought it was the formula. He said he has bottle fed babies that wake up every 1 1/2 hours and nursed babies that sleep 4-5 hours. After hearing that I am even more thankful that we have such a calm, happy baby. I really needed one! We love her so much!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Meeting more family...

Lindsey with her cousins - Megan, Ali and Jessica

Lindsey with her cousins - Jessica and Kierstin

Lindsey with Great Grandpa Lauritzen

Lindsey with Great Grandma Lauritzen

We had our first adventure today. We went to Bryan's sisters house for our monthly family dinner. Lindsey was able to meet her Great Grandma and Grandpa Lauritzen. (Bryan's grandparents) She wasn't put down the whole time we were there. The cousins (big and small) all enjoyed holding her, as did her Grandpa and Grandma Atwood