Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures from Lauren's recital...

Lauren with her dance teachers :Lexi and Erika

Lindsey's surgery/Lauren's dance recital

The Dr. marking her belly button before surgery.

We had a busy day today. Lindsey had her surgery to remove a little growth (papule) from the inside of her belly button. We went up to Primary Children's Hospital this morning for a 1:00pm surgery time. She couldn't have formula or solids after midnight and clear liquids up till 10:00am. She cried just about the whole way up to the hospital (40 minutes) and by the end I was crying too. She would look over at me in the car and reach for me. I am sure wondering why I wasn't giving her a bottle. I did ok till we got to the registration desk then I lost it again. Then did ok while we got her in her gown and slippers. They actually got her in a little early, which was nice. So at about 12:25 the anesthesiologist took her back. They let Bryan hold her as far as we could go and then he took her back. She didn't want to go to him and wouldn't let go of Bryan's jacket. Once again, I lost it. I am sure the people there were thinking wow - that baby must be having major surgery by looking at me! We waited till about 12:55 when the Dr. came in the waiting room and told us everything went well. We then had to wait till about 1:30 when they called us back to the recovery room. She already had 4 oz of glucose water and then they brought her 4 ozs of apple juice. She was fussy and we finally got her comfortable holding her and she fell asleep. They discharged her at 2:30 and we were on our way home. She was pretty alert as we were walking out the recovery room and all the nurses were telling us how cute she is. She fell asleep on the way home and slept for about another hour. Once she woke up you really couldn't tell she had surgery. She was standing and acting totally normal. Then later we had Lauren's dance recital. We were glad Lindsey was feeling ok. (Besides it being bed time)
Lauren did an AWESOME job along with the other girls her group. It was fun to watch them all perform together after watching Lauren dance around the house non stop for the past few months!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

For Grandma Devlin...

Lindsey is wearing a dress that my mom bought for Lauren and we saved it in case we had another girl. Although it is a size 12 months... Lindsey is wearing it at 8 months!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More pictures...

Here are the two more of the bedrooms. I still have one more to take and will get to that soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For sale...

Yes, we are selling our house. I know we are crazy to do it in this market, but we feel like we need to try. Our offer was accepted for a house up the street from us. So we will stay in the same neighborhood, school and ward. We love the area too much to leave. To save on making tons of color copies, I will post the pictures from the flyer in the next day or so. We are asking $277,000. It is 3030 sq. feet. 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. The total square footage for the lot is 8000.